Trees, and a Cedar of Lebanon

In the grounds of one of the English halls I visited recently, this was the view. Beautiful trees to the left…

And to the right…

Most of these were oak, but the greatest tree was nearer the house…

This Cedar of Lebanon has been standing there for generations – aging gracefully!

The perfect place for sitting and admiring this park and garden…

The tea room was just around the corner… Such a great British tradition! 😀

23 thoughts on “Trees, and a Cedar of Lebanon

  1. “Aging gracefully”…. That is my way of life these days. Learning how to become like the Cedar amidst the storms and fair weather of the days that remain.

    I have an oak next door that has a branch that hangs right over this room. If it ever comes down it will take out this whole room and my life will be changed forever. I’m waiting for the tree trimmers to come and take that branch out… but it’s not my tree so I have to work with others over this. I’m just glad that oaks are good strong trees.

    Many thanks for this post. Lovely. Yes, Tea is such a great idea… nothing like it to get you through the day.

  2. These old trees are such awesome natural beauties. I especially love the pictures of the majestic
    Cedar of Lebanon. I wished I would be able to see such a unique tree some day…
    Cathy, did you ever see our time-honoured “Bavaria Buche” near Pondorf? It is slowly dying off

    • Standing there, you really begin to think about those who planted it, or planned the garden as a whole… a gardener, or garden designer – people like us?!

    • Yes! The Old Laundry is now a tea room, with little chairs and tables in the courtyard for guests. The teapot didn’t pour well, but the cake was delicious! 😉

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