Visiting Mum’s Garden

As I wing my way back to Germany later today, I will remember a lovely week of “Englishness”!

My mother’s garden in the middle of England is still looking lovely after all the heavy rains and strong winds this summer has brought them. In fact all the rain has done some plants good, and Dad’s lawn looks wonderful! Come in and have a look!

As you look down the garden, through the honeysuckle archway, the immediate focus is the beautiful clematis at the far end. Climbing through my father’s obelisk, it takes all the glory…

A white buddleia behind provides the necessary backdrop for it to be seen from the house.

Pots of lavender are still in flower…

Although looking a little battered from the weather, these tall daisies and lychnis support each other and are an attractive eyecatcher in the east border.

Nearer the house, also on the sunny side, the crocosmia is radiant.

And this hydrangea will also flower for a few more weeks, feeling happy in a pot all year round…

The mild English weather allows so many plants to overwinter outdoors – even in containers. This is barely possible in Germany. How about where you live? Can you keep pots outdoors in the winter months?

29 thoughts on “Visiting Mum’s Garden

  1. Your Mum´s garden is so wonderful, amazing, gorgeous, brilliant, lovely, beautiful…. (I sat here and tried to find the best word to describe your Mum´s garden. I couldn´t, so I wrote all of them down) 😉

    • I think my Dad would be worried about his lawn! But the “summer house” at the end of the garden is just about big enough to camp out in! LOL! 😀

  2. Last year I was able to bring my rosemary in on my porch and it survived last winter… But last winter was unusually mild. It will break my heart if I lose it this year… It’s turned into a gorgeous shrub. And I love the seasoning especially in winter. But actually it may be good to have a colder winter this winter and there have been a lot of tropical insects and poisonous spiders that have moved into our area due to the mild winter last year…. and I’d really like to be rid of them. So there is good and bad in whatever your season holds.

    Your mother’s gardens are simply delightful… I can imagine you enjoyed yourself a great deal there. Although I can imagine it’s a great deal of work for your parents to maintain. I hope they have some help especially as they get older.

    • I have to bring my rosemary indoors in the winter… it flowers for me sometimes in January! We had such a bitter winter last year, but I’m not sure it affects any of the insects we get here.
      My Mum has done extremely well with her garden – she broke her leg at the hip last autumn, and is unable to bend now. So they do have a little help in the garden from time to time. Most of her success is down to good planning and years of working the soil… 😀 Thanks for your comment Merrill, and have a lovely day!

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  4. Any pots outdoors in our winter are doomed to breakage or wear…I love your mum’s garden…so beautiful and what I would love to see here but not with our heat and drought especially this year…so glad you had such a lovely visit.

    • It was lovely to see so many gardens while there, but there was little inspiration for my own patch, as the climate and conditions differ so much. The heat was exceptional this year though.

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