Colours of Late Summer, Part One

One particular garden I visited in the UK last week had some wonderful displays of late summer colours, which I would like to share…

But first the backdrop: LUSH GREEN!

The thick lawn and fresh foliage everywhere gives the strong colours in the borders even more impact…


The hot border – with dahlias, crocosmia, lobelia, salvia and more – is simply stunning.

I particularly liked the dark foliage of the Dahlias, contrasting with the pale Echinacea in the foreground.


This border focused on yellows, creams and shades of apricot and peach, with contrasting foliage. Note a yellow buddleia on the left at the back. The apricot crocosmia at the front also stands out.


These gorgeous Heleniums stole the show!

Here the garden borders a wild flower meadow and the open countryside…

And peeping out of this bright border I discovered an absolutely gorgeous Dahlia… (My favourite so far!)

Adorable! It was on sale in their nursery, but I have had limited success with dahlias in my garden so I will just look at this photo occasionally instead! (It’s called “Honka Surprise”)

Do YOU have a favourite late-summer flower?

Tomorrow I’ll post some of the “cooler” colours I found in this garden…