Colours of Late Summer, Part Two

Yesterday the focus was on bright, vivid colours.

Today some pastels for the start of September! Pinks and blues, violets and purples. The mix of colours surprised me so late in the year at a garden I visited in the UK last week. But perhaps I am thinking in terms of “late” for Germany, and not England!


Butterflies were everywhere in this border, particularly attracted to the Buddleia and white Sedum. The bursts of shocking pink are Cleome.


Cosmos, Sage, Purple Loosestrife, Sedums (with purple foliage)…


Clematis and other climbers were on every available wall…

And some deeper shades here. Japanese Anemones, Dahlias, Eupatorium…

… and a dark red, almost chocolate -coloured Scabiosa…

Hope you enjoyed visiting this English garden with me!

19 thoughts on “Colours of Late Summer, Part Two

    • They are very summery colours for the end of August, which I would never be able to achieve with our climate! But there are a few things in there that have inspired me for my own garden… Glad you liked it Donna, and have a good weekend!

    • I think some gardeners have the added talent of being able to envisage the finished effect while they are planting… personally I don’t have that gift and leave much to chance! 😀

  1. changing seasons
    day by day the garden
    changes its colors
    ~~You don’t usually think of pink and blue as autumn colors (at least not around here)… yet your late summer gardens still retain much of summer in their pallette. We’re into golds, beiges and browns already… Sigh….

    • No, autumn had barely reached the UK last week, and it was still very much a “summer” collection… “late summer” as opposed to autumn. I do love autumn colours though and am looking forward to those colours you mention… Where are you Merrill, that autumn comes so early?

  2. Again very impressing garden photos! My favourite combination of colours is: blue or violett –
    pink – purple – white. This looks so romantic… But it is difficult for me to find out the fitting plants for
    such wonderful combinations.

  3. Such lovely combos. Purple and violets signify late summer here…lots of wild asters and Joe Pye weed. Loostrife is considered an invasive weed, so I cut the flowers when I see it in the ditches. The can brighten the house rather than seed themselve further into our waste places…

    • That’s a good idea with the loosestrife. We don’t often see the purple variety here, but I have yellow in early summer, and it does spread (by roots) if I’m not careful.

  4. Clifton Road Allotments is me in disguise Cathy – I’ve just started to set up a site for my allotment site and am not used to WordPress yet 🙂

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