A Centenarian’s Travels: Berlin

Our neighbour, Mr Barth, and his daughter Mrs Hollmichel, sent me some photos a couple of days ago of him on his travels. Here he is in Marzahn Park, Berlin, where “Gardens of the World” are presented in different areas of the park.

Our dear neighbour has been mentioned on my blog before; as a regular visitor for coffee and cake, he frequently provides me with a good excuse to bake! Mr Barth is also very good company, always with a tale to tell. After all, he has over 100 years to fall back on for some stories or snippets of information! (Yes, he’s 100 years young!)

Berlin, which is about 600km north of us, has also had a rather hot summer this year, but the flowers are clearly well-tended in the park.

Such a colourful array of summer flowers here – the type of flower bed I would love, but without watering sadly not possible…

There is an Italian-style garden, a Bali garden, Chinese and Korean gardens, and a Japanese garden…

A good place to think about the meaning of life…

Perhaps also inspiration for some Japanese elements in my garden…

Thank you for sending the photos Mr Barth (and daughter)! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

9 thoughts on “A Centenarian’s Travels: Berlin

  1. Mr Barth sounds like a very interesting gentleman and is obviously very active. Bless him! Such a lovely garden and great pictures.

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