Giant Rhubarb!

Those huge leaves by the stream need further investigation…

Fabulous if you have the space…

A little nearer now…

I’d love to kid you into thinking it’s rhubarb, but you are all far too clever! (It isn’t even related!)

As I get right up close, I can see sharp prickles, fluffy pink stem bases, and… could those green shoots be the flowers?

Gunnera manicata

(Giant Rhubarb/Mammutblatt)

An amazing herbaceous plant that comes from the southern hemisphere. These have been in this particular garden I visited for many years and have to be kept in check, along with the Bamboo and the Japanese Knotweed! (Japanische Staudenknöterich – Fallopia japonica)

Japanese Knotweed

Are there invasive species threatening your garden or local vicinity?