September Sunshine

Schools in Bavaria have started back this week, the swallows have flown, the lemon verbena has been harvested and geranium cuttings taken… and the cobwebs have arrived!

Cobwebs are everywhere at this time of year. “Altweibersommer” is the German equivalent of an Indian summer, and the name comes from the cobwebs. “Weiber” is old German for weaving webs. Look at this beauty!

Our weather really has been wonderful this past week – perfect for being outdoors in the garden,

… listening to the bees humming contentedly,

and enjoying the colours of late summer…

and early autumn…

Are you having an Indian summer?

43 thoughts on “September Sunshine

  1. Actually we are still having summer…hot with a couple days cool down but still hot….that is one scary, hairy spider…your blooms are stunning…a few blooms here but not too much…looks like October in the garden right now here.

  2. I do believe you live in a paradise! We had a huge storm last night… it’s finally broken the heat waves (I hope for good this year) but it’s still pretty muggy. We are just entering Indian Summer (again I hope) At this point I dare not say which way the weather will go since it changes so dramaticlly every time I turn around. We have two hurricanes out in the Atlantic which are really raising a ruckus with our weather at the moment. This year the hurricanes seem to get stuck in one place for awhile which seems to intensify the affects they have on us. But say a little prayer that soon we will be enjoying really gorgeous weather too.
    Your spider is a fantastic photo, to be sure. We have tons of spiders this year too. Perhaps because we’ve had so many insects to keep them well fed.
    Our squirrels are getting vry active all of a sudden and their tales ae turning white on the edges… and that does presage an autumn turn of events.

    • Hi Merrill – hope the weather stabilises a bit for some nice warm days before autumn finally arrives. Our forecast is one more day like this, then turning very cool and damp. Now that will be a shock!

      • Oh, it is gorgeous today. So much to catch up with… we’re expecting a week of this weather. It’s cool in the morning – about 55 – 60 F. This afternoon about 65 F. It may get up to 80-85 F. by Friday but they say it will be dry… good thing. Everything has gotten a bit moldy here.

  3. September sunshine is the right title. In one nest we have still young swallows. Spiders are everywhere and our Sedum is blooming too. I like these windless days with warmth and sunshine.

    • I hope the swallows survive… do they stay in winter? Ours usually fly earlier than this, but last Friday they were suddenly gone. Let’s enjoy this wonderful sunshine while it lasts!

  4. Is that spider as large as it looks? Great pictures of your garden. Glad the weather is nice for you there–ours turned a corner this weekend and the week ahead should be great for gardening.

  5. Our swallows left a few weeks ago…I miss their cheerful chatter. Indian Summer would be a warm-up after a frost – which we haven’t come close to yet. It’s still very warm here…
    I love the spider. There are a few big webs on the back porch, but their owners seem to hide all day. I never see them until it’s too dark to get a good picture.

  6. What a great photo of the spider! I always know when autumn is really here – the spiders start moving from the garden into the house (not one of the best things about autumn, but a good indicator!)

  7. Lovely photographs. We are still having warm weather, beach and swim yesterday afternoon. I liked the picture of the bees and sedum. The bees are on my sedum but the butterflies are ignoring it, they actually pass it by for other flowers. Are you getting butterflies on yours? I remember, years ago, seeing sedum in the south of England covered with butterflies. Have I got modern hybrids?

  8. Oh my word what a magnificent spider!!!! Only spiders on your blog can look happily delightful and not menacing!!! 😀 I always think of flowers and warm baked pies when I think of you – that is surely a wonderful thing! Sharon

  9. How beautiful! The weather has cooled a bit here too, making going outside enjoyable again! There is something about the quality of a light in September and October that I love, the sky looks more crisp and brighter blue! Your spider is beautiful too!

  10. Hi Cathy. The spiders haven’t really started with their large webs yet; but autumn is here, it’s much cooler, especially at night, After the very long hot summer we’ve had this year a cooler September has been very welcome. Christina

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