30 thoughts on “Change

    • Mary, I think many people are feeling it. Living close to nature we are bound to be affected by the seasons… If we “spring-clean” in spring, what do we do in autumn?! Thanks for commenting Mary!

    • Hi Strawberryindigo! We’ve had some chilly nights already… a few miles from here my friend said there was frost this morning! The leaves are going to be gorgeous again this year, and it’s only just begun! πŸ˜€

      • We will be 70F today it has been in 30’s and 40’s F so not bad yes. I am praying for beautiful weather from Thursday on as we will be in a tent in the white mountains for a few days cooking over a fire and pulling Gold from the riverbed and laughing around a HOT FIRE if needed πŸ™‚ then when we come home we get serious about impending winter weather. We need to clear back brush once it is dead from first frost then drop a few trees that are too close to the barn I will use them for poles in the garden or lash them into a Tee-pee πŸ™‚ Then again some out really badly formed Birch trees so I could use them as Yule Logs for gifts :)I will take 20’s and 30’s but hate the thought of Blizzards, Nor Easters and snow piling up to 3′ in each storm πŸ™‚

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