What the Caterpillar Said

“Eight days ago, young butterfly,
you wormed about, the same as I.
Within a fortnight from today
Two wings will bear me far away
To brighter blooms and lovelier lures,
With colors that out rival yours.
So, flutter-flit, be not so proud;
Each caterpillar is endowed
With power to make him, by and by,
A blithe and brilliant butterfly.”
from “The Butterfly and the Caterpillar” by Joseph Lauren
Photographed on Lysimachia vulgaris (Yellow Loosestrife/Goldfelberich)

26 thoughts on “What the Caterpillar Said

    • I especially liked that expression “flutter-flit”! Can you put a net over the cabbages to stop them laying their eggs there? Isn’t gardening frustrating!… I sacrificed two huge pots of rocket and salad leaves to the cabbage white caterpillars this summer… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thank you Uta! I was hoping you might know what it is! ๐Ÿ˜€ So it won’t become a pretty butterfly… just a plain moth. He’s prettier as a caterpillar!

  1. That poem is new to me. I like very much. For all the butterflies I have seen this summer, I haven’t seen a lot of caterpillars.

  2. After watching them munch away as well as visit me eah day on their beautiful wings I appreciate this so much more and that you shared it makes it that much more special Thanks Cathy
    from me to use across the miles

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