Autumn Market

October 3rd is always a bank holiday in Germany – the Day of German Unity.

Every year my town has an autumn market on this day, which is dedicated to products only from the region. I love this idea, as even our farmer’s market sells imported fruit and vegetables, and I think it is important to try and buy locally produced goods when possible. It has become a tradition for my friend/neighbour and I to go and take a look. I think it has been going for about 4 years now, and gets better every year. And we always have beautiful weather!

There are stalls selling honey, and all bee-related products

… Pumpkins and old sorts of potato

… Herbs and spices – dried, roasted, prepared or gathered in our region

… Handmade autumn wreaths and decorations; wool and felt hats and scarves; things made from hops – including bread, liqueur and schnapps; and a variety of handicrafts, jams, syrups, dried flowers, baskets, plants and bulbs…

The setting is the beer garden of a local brewery, so for those who want refreshments there is of course beer, coffee, organic food and smoked fish on sale.

Among other things I bought a “gorgonzola pumpkin”, some dried bear’s garlic, apple spices, candied ginger, hazelnut flour, an autumn wreath…

What a lovely morning!

Thanks to Elisabeth for coming with me every year!