Autumn Market

October 3rd is always a bank holiday in Germany – the Day of German Unity.

Every year my town has an autumn market on this day, which is dedicated to products only from the region. I love this idea, as even our farmer’s market sells imported fruit and vegetables, and I think it is important to try and buy locally produced goods when possible. It has become a tradition for my friend/neighbour and I to go and take a look. I think it has been going for about 4 years now, and gets better every year. And we always have beautiful weather!

There are stalls selling honey, and all bee-related products

… Pumpkins and old sorts of potato

… Herbs and spices – dried, roasted, prepared or gathered in our region

… Handmade autumn wreaths and decorations; wool and felt hats and scarves; things made from hops – including bread, liqueur and schnapps; and a variety of handicrafts, jams, syrups, dried flowers, baskets, plants and bulbs…

The setting is the beer garden of a local brewery, so for those who want refreshments there is of course beer, coffee, organic food and smoked fish on sale.

Among other things I bought a “gorgonzola pumpkin”, some dried bear’s garlic, apple spices, candied ginger, hazelnut flour, an autumn wreath…

What a lovely morning!

Thanks to Elisabeth for coming with me every year!


26 thoughts on “Autumn Market

  1. We are so lucky in the states. In our region there are farmer’s markets almost daily in various small small towns which sell only local products. A new start-up web business is now trying to connect buyers with farmers and cut out the middleman. Unfortunately we do not have one locally but we do have numerous CSA’s. (Community supported Agriculture)

    • I’ve heard of the CSA boxes in the states… slowly catching on here, but again not in my area yet! (I’m just outside the catchment area for our nearest!) Strange when you think that I live in the middle of the country…

    • Thank you Susie! I also bought a tiny bottle of hazelnut liqueur to test and it was so delicious! The squirrels have had all my hazelnuts this year though!

  2. Aah, the colours of autumn as well as all the bounty of the summer gathered together to store for the winter. Lovely! And glad to hear you get a market close to home at least sometimes!

  3. Dear Cathy, I enjoyed the visit of our “Autumn Market” in common with you very much. Such nice
    hours – as every year! Thanks to you too!

  4. What a great event and all those wonderful products and produce..we have an apple festival here as there are lots of apple growers and the trees are brilliant…unfortunately it is a dicey thing with weather…cold and rainy this year so it is more like a mud festival with tens of thousands coming from all over…too crowded now to go.

  5. What a wonderful day out, fall vegetables are my favorites! Thanks for posting, helping me get in an autumn mood!

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