Of Apples and Potatoes

Just a brief word today, to direct you to my guest post for Claire, at Promenade Plantings.

Apple sauce is something that brings back memories of childhood… finishing the sauce after a roast pork dinner was always my “responsibility”! I haven’t eaten meat or fish for many years now, and certainly do not miss it, but I do sorely miss the sauces that traditionally accompany it. Therefore I embrace any possibility to integrate them into a vegetarian diet. Pasta, peas and parsley sauce is one example. Potato cakes with apple sauce is another.

Please click and take a look at Promenade Plantings for my recipe for Reiberdatschi with Apple Sauce. And while you’re there, have a look at some of Claire’s wonderful posts such as this one on Social Gardening… excellent stuff!

(And any ideas for using mint sauce or mustard in a vegetarian diet would be more than welcome!)