Misty Morning Walk

Being in a valley has both advantages and disadvantages… we get more mist and fog in autumn; we can see our weather coming along the valley (and prepare for a storm!); we get strong west winds; in autumn and spring we are slightly protected from frosts; and in winter once the ground freezes we do not get enough hours of sunshine to thaw the ice or snow, which then hangs around for weeks!

The mist is often dreary, but can also be beautiful. I think that being outdoors in grey weather is always better than being “stuck” indoors. And when the sun breaks through it is so much more appreciated!

Miscanthus field along our footpath

Looking across the misty valley

Maiden Pinks (Dianthus) by the path

The sun breaking through and the mist dispersing

Have a lovely (sunny) Sunday!


41 thoughts on “Misty Morning Walk

  1. Beautiful photos, Cathy.
    I agree with you about being out in gray weather rather than holing up until fair weather returns.

    My first autumn in Portland, Oregon, it rained for 31 days straight. No let up. That much gray and perpetual wetness was overwhelming at first, but one day I went out on a bike ride in the rain and just raised my face to the sky and felt the biggest belly laugh coming on. I’m sure passing cyclists and drivers might have wondered what was wrong with me, but, in fact, everything was just right. I stopped waiting for the weather to “cooperate” and realized just how beautiful clouds and rain could be. I’m a firm believer it’s important to know when to laugh at one’s self. 🙂

    • That’s the right attitude! If you stop in just because of a little rain, you miss so much! 😉 Thanks for your comment Gynnem. Shame we don’t live near enough to go for a walk in the rain together!

  2. I quite agree. Never could understand why the idea of a few drops of rain could frighten people off a lovely autumn walk – but it does. One big advantage of having grown up in Ireland, I suppose! At least here in Switzerland I know the sun will be back in a day or two 😉

    • We had weeks of grey weather last winter, but usually, like you say, the sun appears again pretty quickly. And if you have the right clothes, walking is good whatever the weather!

    • It is elephant grass, planted for use as “renewable” energy. I’m not sure if it has actually been tried here yet, but it is huge business in the UK, with fields full of it all over the place…

  3. We live in a valley. Unfortunately it is nothing like this. We get the mist and fog scenarios but we also get an unending stream of rush hour traffic too. Still its fun on Fireworks Night – the whole valley fills with smoke and it looks a bit like a war zone!

  4. Oh with views like that Cathy there must be every incentive to get out for a morning walk mist or fog regardless 🙂 I think that fog always lingers longer over rivers – have noticed it here along the Mersey which is not that far away.

    • The River Danube is even worse for mist and fog than our river, and sometimes the weather map shows a thin band of fog all along the river for days on end – especially in November!

    • I love the miscanthus too… I have some in my garden that is just about to flower, but the ones in the fields have been flowering for some time now. Perhaps a different sort.

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