Asters and Butterflies

Most of my asters get far too tall, and flop over….

… does that happen to yours too?

Of course, if I staked them early enough, before the ground gets too hard and dry, I suppose I could avoid it!

Still, the butterflies don’t seem to mind…




By the way, despite some cold nights I spotted the (possibly) last hummingbird hawk-moth of the year on October 13th!

38 thoughts on “Asters and Butterflies

  1. You have made my day with those photos of the beautiful moth! Methinks I have avoided growing tall flowers all my life ’cause ones does not get around to staking [does one really want to ‘meddle’?] and thus gets an untidy looking plot?

  2. They do look so pretty naturally tall and too heavy to hold up their heads but when they die back go for a walk with 2 or 4 branches and some twine add them into this area and as the grow next year they will LOVE THE SUPPORT YOU gave them 🙂

    Loved the Butterfly/Moth as well 🙂


    • We had so many this year, and some other hawk-moths too, which I posted at the end of July if you’re interested. They loved the Centranthus ruber.

  3. Your photos are SO beautiful Cathy! My asters aren’t floppy yet but it’s certainly through good luck rather than prior planning! The pink ones are especially pretty x

    • Hi Sue! These photos are about a week ago, when there were quite a few around – on the sedums too… the last few days I haven’t seen any more butterflies, so I think it’s turned too cold. We haven’t had a frost yet though!

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