Circle of Appreciation

This was something new and different… My dear friend Strawberryindigo (aka Nancy, but I like her pseudonym so much!) at Serendipity13 has invited me to join the Ligo Circle of Appreciation.

I felt honoured, but also very curious! What is a circle of appreciation?! I needed to take a look at the origin of this…

It has originated from Esenga’s voice , a Latvian blogger. She writes:

The yearly Līgo celebration happens every summer solstice in Latvia.
At this time we adorn our heads with Līgos of flowers, oak leaves,
grasses and plants. We join circles around bonfires and celebrate life,
and our appreciation of each other.

Here’s our
Līgo Circle of Appreciation
among fellow bloggers.

For duration of 22 days, starting on 1st October 2012, we will be inviting
2 bloggers per day
to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Appreciation, NOT an Award.

To fully participate in the Līgo Circle of Appreciation:

1. Complete this sentence about blogging: “A great blog is…

2. Refer back to the blogger who invited you

3. Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post

1. So, in my opinion a great blog is one that makes me smile, where I can learn and hear about things that are new to me, where I can see and hear about  people’s connection with nature, and it is also an honest, welcoming and friendly place.

2. Serendipity13 is such a blog – please take a look at Nancy’s beautiful site! She always makes me smile and brightens my day! And thank you for inviting me Strawberryindigo!

3. I would like to invite the two following blogs:

Tj’s Garden: Tj lives in the Arizona Sonora Desert and has a garden full of heat-tolerant flowers and plants which she presents on her blog. Tj also writes about the local wildlife – fascinating creatures visit her such as coyotes, or giant desert hairy scorpions… Her articles are always so interesting and I love to see what grows and lives in her part of the world.

Nuts for Treasure: Eunice is a fun-loving, hard-working blogger! I love her photos, her tales and stories, and her dedication; a lady with oodles of personality and a big heart. She has recently shown us some lovely photos of autumn colour in New Hampshire. Every post is a delight!

Have a great weekend everyone!