Wild Flower of the Year – 2013

Every year the German Loki Schmidt Foundation pronounces a wild flower “Blume des Jahres” – Flower of the Year, in order to draw attention to the fact that certain plants and their habitats are endangered. I was particularly pleased to hear last week that the Hepatica nobilis (Liverwort – Leberblümchen) has been declared Flower of the Year 2013.

I love this flower, and if you saw my post in the spring, you will surely understand why. It is the first wild flower to show its pretty colours in March, sometimes even February. Where we live the conditions are perfect; chalky, well-drained soil, and shady and damp, undisturbed woodland floors.

We are fortunate to have so many in our region, since they have died out in some states of Germany already, and are endangered in many others.

When the Hepatica is flowering, no other flowers are yet in bloom – not even the violets – so I have been confused by one thing; imagine snow-covered ground, leafless trees, barely a hint of spring in the warm breeze, the first blue flowers peeping through patches of melting snow, and ….. a light and sweet perfume wafting in drifts across the footpath. Heavenly! I have never found the scent documented, so unless it’s my imagination I have perhaps just been extremely lucky to smell them! They MUST smell slightly, as ants are attracted to the seeds.

Do YOU know this wild flower?

31 thoughts on “Wild Flower of the Year – 2013

    • I just found your post on Hepatica Donna – interesting to hear they grow on the other side of the Atlantic too! I hadn’t heard of the sharp-lobed one – the leaves are quite different. Thanks Donna!

    • We see them at the roadsides here too – a mass of blue among the brown leaves on the woodland floors. Perhaps you’ll notice them next spring. 😀

    • It’s difficult to find here – only sold in specialist nurseries or online. I ordered a pink one, as they say autumn planting is best, but it still hasn’t arrived!

  1. This is a great plant and blue flowers really are the best. I also like Soldanellas which peep out from the snow in switzerland. I have been doing a flower of the month on my blog but I am struggling now as winter approaches. It has to be a wild flower and one that grows in the Poitou-Charentes region of France.from

    • I’m also beginning to think blue flowers are the prettiest. Perhaps you can cheat a little in winter and just highlight seedheads or foliage. Does moss count as a wild “flower”? 😉 It can certainly be pretty! Thanks for your comment – I must take a look at your photos later too. 😀

  2. Cathy, ich habe mir gestern bei Buchhandlung Bauer Loki Schmidts “Die Blumen des Jahres” bestellt. Ich freue mich schon darauf, es bald in Händen zu halten…

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