The Happy Hebe

This Hebe was freed from a supermarket shelf…

It was in a teensy, weensy pot (no label!) and terribly pot-bound. But I think it likes its new home, and it’s looking very happy!

In autumn, garden centres here usually put Hebes in their mixed containers for a splash of colour and pretty evergreen foliage. These flowering shrubs – often mistakenly called Veronica – are native to New Zealand and South America, and there are over a hundred different species. Some flower all summer, others wait until late summer or autumn. And if you have a mild climate, some even flower through the winter months as well. Some resemble boxwood, others have spiky or variegated leaves.

This oval-leafed variety, with spikes of pale blue-violet flowers, is one of my favourites, but sadly the autumn-flowering Hebes are not very hardy.

By the way, the plant is named after the Greek goddess of youth, Hebe.

Have  you ever grown Hebes? I would love to hear your experiences!

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