You win some, …

After one reminder and one wrong delivery, these poorly packed and uprooted, unlabelled Hepaticas finally arrived by post on 31st October. There was a red label on the outer box telling me to plant during the day when there is no frost… !?

Lesson learned: don’t buy from mail order companies with glossy catalogues – stick to the nurseries!

Now I have to decide what to do with the wrongly delivered Delphinium “Blueberry Pie” (which I may keep at no extra charge!). The slugs will love it!


28 thoughts on “You win some, …

  1. One just has to learn which companies are professional! I buy almost everything on line because of living semi-rurally. Put an online grocery order in at 5pm last evening: have just been notified [2 pm] the parcel will be delivered this pm: it is within 20 kms on the truck but came 600 kms! All my plants have been clearly marked as ‘fragile, deliver soonest’ etc . . . so, as I say . . . so many coys wanting to make a buck: just find out who does the best job!!

    • We order loads of things online too, not just plants. Like you, living in the countryside means it is just easier. I usually order plants from a nursery about 200kms away, and they are very good in terms of quality and delivery… but they didn’t have the pink hepatica I had set my heart on! LOL!

    • The Delphinium has gone in the ground already – although a pot would probably have been easier to check for slugs, I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea through winter. Perhaps it will distract the pests from eating other things in spring… πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ˜€ I don’t know how people manage to grow delphiniums (or dahlias) around here – I just hope they don’t put down slug pellets (Schneckenkorn).

    • I’ve had disappointments from good nurseries I’ve shopped at too – I bought a “Potentilla” once, and nurtured it tenderly until I got the strange feeling it wasn’t a Potentilla at all. It had a very strong resemblance to a buttercup… and it was! LOL!

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