Tuesdays At Two (13th November)

Have you heard of the View Club? Bloggers take a photo of one particular view at a fixed time and post it regularly. That way we get to see the change in the seasons all over the world!

So I’m joining Marie, from My Little Corner of Rhode Island, who posts a daily 4 o’clock shot, as well as Claire at Promenade Plantings in the UK, and a bunch of others too. My shot will be weekly; taken every Tuesday at 2pm. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing a Bavarian garden view through the seasons.

I’m standing at the top of my rockery, looking down across the grass. Right at the bottom of the garden there used to be a large pond (before we came here) which is now our compost heap! Behind our trees you can just make out the woods on the hills across the other side of the river in the valley.

Let’s see how long I can keep this up! And if anyone else wants to join in there are NO rules! You can link to others if you like, but it’s completely free and easy!