Reading for a Foggy Evening

Need something to read on a grey November evening?

The BBC website is one that I return to again and again. The recent scandals about the BBC have been worrying – to say the least, but I can still only praise this institution for its wide spectrum of informative articles, blogs, news and views. Being an “expat” (a term I detest!) I feel this is a link to my home country reflecting the general situation and atmosphere there at the time.

Here are a few things I found this morning on which I’d like to share…

I enjoyed reading this article about some of the mysteries of nature:

I also found this history of mealtimes quite revealing:

And this article about the poorest president in the world made me very thoughtful:

If you’re in the UK, recent news about a terrible ash tree fungus will not be new to you. Here is the latest on how the disease is to be contained:

Finally, one more link, not from the BBC this time. I was made aware of this by A French Garden. Take a look at this blog about conservationist Miranda Gibson, who is despearte to save trees from logging in the Tasmanian rainforest:

Have a cosy evening reading!

19 thoughts on “Reading for a Foggy Evening

  1. I really enjoyed the history of mealtimes, but I’d say the concept of a t.v. dinner and the ability to freeze a meal and use it later were around long before the actual “micro-wave dinner” was invented. Also, changing women’s roles and heavier advertising of the fact that “you’re too busy to cook” probably had some effect.

    Thanks for the great read.

  2. Thanks for all the links Cathy. We woke up to misty murk this morning but it morphed into a beautiful day. Racing to read a library book at the moment before it’s due back so will have a look at your links over the weekend 🙂

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