Amaryllis Exotica

I planted an Amaryllis bulb for myself last year and decided to make this a tradition. This year I chose a different colour to the traditional red, and I rather like it!

Amaryllis “Exotica”

Planted in the first half of October, it grew rapidly, perhaps a little too tall, and opened within 5 weeks.

There are now four flowers on the first stem, and a second one is growing too!

Do you grow Amaryllis (Belladonna Lily)?

31 thoughts on “Amaryllis Exotica

  1. My windows don’t have English window ledges and I miss them for plants. I sometimes leave seed pots I’m pampering in front of French windows on the floor but I have little room for inside plants.:(

    • My space is also limited, as we have radiators under the windows that do have a sill… I have a total of five houseplants, one of which hangs over a window. (And my geranium cuttings in an unheated room!).

  2. A very beautiful and really exotic flower! This inspires me to grow “Amaryllis” again too.
    Have a nice Sunday, Cathy! Letยดs hope that the sun will get through the fog today!

    • You should plant one Elisabeth – then it may even flower by Christmas. Yes, hope the sun manages to shine on us… it’s so grey in the fog. (And cold!) Wish you a nice Sunday too!

  3. I usually grow a couple of amaryllis a year Cathy – I usually stock up at the Christmas market in Manchester where there is a Dutch bulb seller ๐Ÿ™‚ They seem to bridge the gap before there is much in the way of colour outside and lift my spirits. ‘Exotica’ is a beauty. Will look out for her.

    • I had no idea they can be grown in summer too! That really is a lovely idea and I shall put mine in the ground in spring and see what happens! ๐Ÿ˜€

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