Sunshine, Where Are You?

No, not the title of a song!

After a week of grey skies and fog, I decided to look back at some sunny pictures: remember summer? Wasn’t it wonderful!

Despite some extremes – heat, drought or rain – you all posted such wonderful photos all summer long. How about showing us a few to cheer up our November days? Here’s my offering!








Look forward to seeing a few of your sunny photos too!

46 thoughts on “Sunshine, Where Are You?

  1. Ah yes, sunshine – I remember that, although it seems like a long time ago! I like your idea of cheering things up with photos of sunlit flowers (and yours are really lovely), I’ll see what I can find in the ‘archives’!

  2. Ths sun? As told in the fairy tale: Behind the 7 hills … .Good news: the sun is there we just canΒ΄t see it. I like the Idea of sunny photos. I will look for some. πŸ™‚

  3. I look back to August with horror. The drought and intense heat and wind were unbearable; now the garden is green and full of flowers; I much prefer spring and autumn to summer. Christina

    • Spring and early summer is best for my garden too, and September surprised me as many plants recovered from our hot and dry August. I think I have finally learnt that my garden cannot look good in August! I must just accept it and hope September brings some rain! Was it unusually hot and dry for you too this summer, or is it “normal” Christina?

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  5. Thank you for those sunshiny photos, I really needed them today. It has been gray with heavy rain and vicious gusts of wind all day. I need to get a fire going in the fireplace as I fear we may lose power tonight leaving us without heat. Brrr.

    • Stay warm and get the candles/oil lamps/flashlights ready! Hope you get some sunshine soon. They forecast it for “tomorrow” again here, but tomorrow never seems to come! πŸ˜€

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