Tuesdays at Two (20th November)

Tuesdays at Two

Poor light and low cloud today. Typical November weather!

The View Club so far:

Celi, from The Kitchen’s Garden

Claire, from Promenades Plantings

Marie, from My Little Corner of Rhode Island

Linda, from Life on a Colorado Farm

If you want to join in, please do. There are no rules! You can post daily, weekly, or just when you get a chance. Pick a view and show us how it changes through the seasons! 😀

18 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (20th November)

    • Hi Christina! It would be great if you can join too – then we’ll have a lovely mix of areas to compare. I do mine just weekly, but some do a view daily – completely up to you! Yes, it was about 2:10 pm and it was so dark. It is always like this in November, the dismal month! Look forward to seeing your view! 😀

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