Beat the Gloom!

Fog, low cloud and grey skies

I’ve had enough!

November is being true to its reputation for the third week in a row: dull, dark, dismal, drizzly and damp. Sunday actually brought an hour or two of hazy sunsine, and then it clouded over again!

I have thus resorted to my summer photos once more, in order to brighten up the day.

Let the sun shine!







Sweet Dreams of Summer!

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41 thoughts on “Beat the Gloom!

  1. Hi Cathy. I know what you mean but instead of fog and gray skies here, we have sun but it is so cold that everything is now brown. It will stay that way (unless we get snow) for several months. Thanks for taking me to the greener pastures of Summer! I love the gorgeious shot of what I think is helenium. If not, please let me know what it is.

  2. Thanks for your sweet dreams of summmer! These lovely pictures are really brightening up another
    grey and cold November day…

  3. It is so beautiful – your garden (park) in summer
    and probably in winter with snow. Iยดd like to see a snow-picture on Tuesday at two (reminds me on Tea for two). Kopf hoch, November ist bald vorbei ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Some of the pictures were taken in England in August. I hope we do get snow for the weekend, and perhaps it will still be there for next Tuesday. Thanks Uta. Have a nice day!

    • Looking back is good. But from Dec 1st I’ll start looking forward again! (November’s been awful this year, but the Advent lights are already appearing in front gardens and windows here!)

  4. beatiful flowers, I have seen pictures of passion flowers and did not realize how beautiful they were until we grew one, and boy I just love them. so intrigate and complex yet so pretty. those other flowers you have are gorgeous, wish I could get my yard in order with the plants I have.

    • Hi Roberta. They are not all from my garden, some were in the UK, including the passionfower. I should like to try growing one next year though – any tips would be welcome!

      • yea plant a plantling (bought one through the mail) and leave it alone and next year it will seem to be dead, but all of a sudden it comes to life from the root and takes off come may in ohio.the growth rate is incredible, I thought it was dead, surprise surprise it came back grew up and started to flower in july. really pretty. I save many of the seeds pods.

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