Tuesdays at Two (4th December)

We had snow! Sadly it turned to rain overnight and has gone all slushy…



But here’s a bonus photo from Monday, at about 11am, when I got so excited because the sun made a brief and rare appearance!


The snow was beautiful while it lasted!

Have you had snow yet?

The View Club:

Celi, from The Kitchen’s Garden

Claire, from Promenades Plantings

Marie, from My Little Corner of Rhode Island

Linda, from Life on a Colorado Farm

Janine, from The Letter J, The Number 9

A Flowery Tradition

Saint Barbara’s Day, December 4th, is known in this part of the world as the day to venture out into the garden with the gardening shears…

Cut a young branch of a fruit or nut tree or Forsythia and bring it into the house. (I cut several smaller pieces of Forsythia and two small hazelnut branches).



Put it in lukewarm water for a few hours, then in a vase of fresh water. Place in a cool but light spot, change the water every few days, and it should flower on Christmas Eve. It is also said to bring good luck to the house for the new year!

Do you have this tradition in your part of the world?