27 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (December 18th)

    • Hi there. I don’t think we’ll have snow for Christmas, as the forecast is rain and cloud all week, and barely frost 😦
      But you never know… always the optimist!

    • The weeds are at least one thing I don’t need to worry about here! I have to cut back almost everything before the snow, then leave the dead leaves on the flower beds and let the snow cover them. Glad you had some rain though – a dry winter can finish off some of the hardiest plants.

  1. It is one nasty day here in NH as well 😦
    Snow yesterday is now melting into puddles that will surely freeze into skating rinks here there and everywhere and more they say for Thursday OH JOY my photo at 2 would look like yours 🙂

    Stay Safe

    • Hi Linda
      At the moment it looks like there won’t be any more snow for a while… the temperatures are hovering just above freezing, and it’s raining! We’ll have a fire at the weekend again I think! 😀 Thanks so much for your comment.

    • Probably no consolation, but we’ve got rain too – just showers though. We might glimpse the sun in a couple of days through the mist! We can all dream of a white Christmas – just frost and blue sky would do me!

  2. Very pretty. We got our very first dusting of snow last night which thrilled the boys to no end. It is already gone but the promise of more is adding to the Christmas magic at our house.

  3. Yes, the snow on your blog is the only one I get too: hmmph, am typing in a swimsuit!! Aber Nebel haben wir doch an viele Morgen!! Eine wunderbare Welt 😀 !

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