Happy New Year!

Thank you all for a wonderful blogging year 2012… and for sharing all those fantastic posts full of beautiful photos, fascinating information and links, wit and humour, warmth and enthusiasm. They have enriched the past twelve months, and I’m so glad I’ve got to know you all.

Crab Apple: Tree of the Year, Germany 2013

And thanks too for visiting my blog and leaving such generous and positive comments. I’ve been inspired and found support and encouragement from you all.

Hepatica 14th March

Hepatica/Liverwort: Wildflower of the Year, Germany 2013

Finding friends who take pleasure in the same things, who make me laugh and cry, who think on the same wavelength, and who are simply there – wherever that may be – has been simply wonderful.

Common Snipe: Bird of the Year, Germany 2013

Here’s to the New Year, my dear friends! And another twelve months of pretty plants, curious creatures, fabulous food, and wonderful words!

Chocolate Swiss Roll

Chocolate and Strawberry Swiss Roll (2012)

Happy New Year!

May it be a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful one!