A Little Pink Treat

My freezer will need defrosting soon… I’m waiting for the temperatures to drop so I can just pop everything outside while I de-ice it, but there’s no sign of winter yet… So in the meantime I did a stock-take and found lots and lots (and lots) of frozen berries!

And while regarding them, I had a vision… frozen raspberries (the last punnet) plus a bar of white chocolate

= White Chocolate Raspberry Bites

(I then found a bar of milk chocolate too!)

= White and Milk Chocolate Raspberry Bites


Simply melt some white chocolate in a bain-marie and, while it’s melting, line a freezer-proof tray with parchment.

Now the fun bit – whip half a punnet of raspberries (or other berries) out of the freezer and dunk in the chocolate, roll around using a cocktail stick and put on the parchment. You have to work quickly, as the berries shouldn’t defrost!

Put them back in the freezer immediately. Repeat with the milk chocolate.

I used 100g (4oz) white and 100g milk chocolate for a 250g (1/2 lb) punnet of raspberries.


Can be eaten directly from the freezer, or leave them to warm up a few minutes.


Warning: these do not keep for long (not in my household anyway!) πŸ˜‰

44 thoughts on “A Little Pink Treat

    • Thanks! While tidying away the Christmas decorations I knocked my Amaryllis exotica and rescued one of the last flowers… it was the perfect accompaniment!

  1. Your “chocolate raspberry bites” look simply delicious. I can understand very well that these donΒ΄t
    keep for long. So pretty photos! The first one with Amaryllis exotica looks like a painterΒ΄s still life.

  2. Look delicious! Your Amaryllis is pretty. Mine sent up leaves but then fizzled out before blooming (but I hadn’t taken care of it during the year so shame on me).

  3. I will be moving Grapes onto proper T-Stands and These yummy fruits will be dug up and transplanted on property line with Cemetery with their thorns that will be a LIVING FENCE lol
    I will do the other borders with Forsythias and Ruggosa Roses πŸ™‚ Then lots of Peonies Holy Hock etc. for an English type garden Ron will be making me a steel arbor or two and maybe a metal structure for water to run down and over πŸ™‚

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