Tuesdays at Two (January 8th)

The Christmas decorations have gone, and the last of the glitter has been vacuumed up. Even the WordPress snow has gone. 😦

There is a saying here that if winter hasn’t arrived by Epiphany, then it won’t come at all… well, the snowdrop shoots are visible already…


Still grey, and green, and foggy. A little monotonous… so just to remind me that this garden can look so beautiful in the sunshine, a bonus photo from July 2012!


Have a good week everyone!


40 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (January 8th)

  1. I hadn’t heard the saying about Epiphany and winter weather before – don’t much like the cold, but a winter without some snow would be strange. Still, there’s time yet…

  2. I’ll have lots of FOG photos lol we have over 2′ foot of snow with temps going into the 50’s and 60’s F can you stand it! Eunice is a Very Happy Lady!

  3. The property still is lovely, but the bonus picture kicks things up a notch. Nice. I have some guests coming tomorrow to see my garden but I warned them to bring their imaginations.

  4. Methinks we all need some ‘in-between time’ sometimes to do other things and think other thoughts. And then we look outside and change has been happening 🙂 !

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