Alternative Planting? (And a Haiku)

Requires plenty of damp grey weather, loves rain or snow, is frost hardy, tolerates shade, does not need pruning, nor feeding…


Soon after moving here we removed the ugly evergreens threatening to take over the rockery. This tree stump is one of the last to decompose – it’s taken seven years! Perhaps I will finally be able to dig it out this spring…

Soft brown and lush green

Thriving on decaying wood

In the winter sun


26 thoughts on “Alternative Planting? (And a Haiku)

    • Don’t worry! I assure you it will have died a natural death by the time I get there with my spade! When the sun gets higher in spring that part of the garden has no shade at all… 😀

  1. Fungi are one of nature’s great recyclers and decomposers. Your stump will also be home to lots of mini-beasts like beetles who will also recycle your stump. So let nature do the work and you will probably find other interesting fungi appearing.
    I liked the Haiku too.

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