Tuesdays at Two (January 15th)


The temperature is hovering around freezing point during the daytime, with frosty nights and a chilly north wind, and there’s a hint of snow in the air… We may get a winter after all!


And here are the nearby frosty hills, photographed earlier in the day…


20 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (January 15th)

  1. It looks lighter today Cathy than in your previous Tuesday photos. We’ve had a sprinkle of snow this week and some cold temperatures. Hope that you do get some proper winter weather – it’s most perturbing when the seasons get confused.

    • Yes, altogether brighter since the north wind blew the fog away, and the sun even shone a little today!
      I suppose there always are years without a really cold snap, but it’s unusual. Still, snow is forecast for tomorrow… 😀

  2. It’s nice to see the sunshine and shadows in your photo today. Winter has arrived here – snow, sub-zero temperatures, and it’s forecast to get colder… I’m looking forward to spring!

  3. The colors in the first picture are wonderful. Sometimes our hills get frosty like the ones in your second pic, which is always a treat. By the time I move to a good open space to snap a shot, though, it’s already melted. Stay warm!

    • It’s the same here… you have to get there quick, before the sun moves round! But if we’re lucky we sometimes get days where it stays white even with the sun out. 😀

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