Book Review: Why Willows Weep

Why Willows Weep

edited by Tracy Chevalier

Why Willows Weep

Why Willows Weep is a collection of nineteen short stories written by well-known contemporary British authors (an impressive list, as you can see on the cover above!). They are all fables, explaining some of the mysteries surrounding our trees. For example, why are crab apples sour, why are lime trees sticky, and why does the horse chestnut bear white candles?

All the trees are native to the UK, and for every book sold, the Woodland Trust (the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity) will plant five native trees.

The book is magical, with a few of the stories really standing out above the others. Yet all are enjoyable. Each story is only a few pages long, and they are all linked by their style – brief and poignant. The simplicity is a gift. There is some beautiful language in there!

Some of my favourites were most definitely “Why Willows Weep”, written by Sally Vickers, “How the Blackthorn Got Its Flowers” by Susan Elderkin, and “How the Oak Tree Came to Life” by Maggie O’Farrell.

If you love words and trees, this will appeal to you… A moving, peaceful and charming read for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

34 thoughts on “Book Review: Why Willows Weep

  1. I’ve mentioned before I border on adult ADD lol! I seldom read anything that takes more than 5 minutes. But this is something I can make time for, snipits of stories and information, my style!

    • It must have been out a year or so before I discovered it…. by chance. Amazon recommended it to me while I was looking for something else, but I think I read about it on another blog somewhere too… I don’t know where I’d be without amazon – our nearest bookshop only has a handful of paperbacks in English. 😀

  2. Your book review is appealing to me. I like reading short stories better than long-winded
    novels – and I love nature…

  3. When I saw your books to read I instantly picked this one out so I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to get hold of a copy so thank you for the review!

  4. A lovely book Cathy which I’ve mentioned on my blog a couple of times. I bought it after listening to William Fiennes reading ‘Why The Ash Has Black Buds’ on the radio. The illustrations were not too my taste but other than that a great little volume of short stories.

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