Tuesdays at Two (January 22nd)

In the bleak mid-winter, Frosty wind made moan

Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone

Snow had fallen snow on snow, Snow on snow

In the bleak mid-winter, Long ago

Christina Rossetti


“In the Bleak Midwinter” was originally a poem by the English poet Christina Rossetti, but became a Christmas carol in 1906. It’s one of my favourite carols, but the first verse is also a wonderful piece of winter poetry. And very apt for today’s view – bleak and snowy!

23 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (January 22nd)

  1. Still looks lovely! We’ve had a good bit of snow in the last week, but it’s forecast to get milder by the weekend – must admit I’m looking forward to seeing some green again.

  2. Beautiful and pristine snow and what a lovely poem and can see how it would make a good carol. The rare times we do have snow, it gets trampled on, so it is nice to see the white stuff intact. πŸ™‚

  3. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – definitely a mid winter scene, which also brings to my mind Hardy’s words :
    “Every branch big with it,
    Bent every twig with it”.
    Just how deep is that snow Cathy?

  4. My favourite carol! I heard it set to new music over Christmas – it makes me cry every time!

    We have had snow on the ground for over a week – it rained today for a change today, but it made little difference to the snow or our snowman.

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