Favourite Tools #1: My Trowel

I remember proudly carrying home my first ever garden spade and fork… a good 40-minute walk, in the days before I had my own car, on a very warm morning, across a major retail estate and then a field road (the short cut). That spade got heavier and heavier… but I still love it!

Until a few years ago, that was my favourite garden tool, used to create my first garden from scratch. But then my Mum gave me a beautiful copper/bronze “Implementations” trowel, and since I now live in a different house, with a rockery as my garden, the trowel has been my most valued and trusted friend.


It has a smooth wooden handle, and the head is solid bronze. It doesn’t rust, stays sharp, and is very strong – great for stony soil! Soil doesn’t stick to it, and supposedly using copper tools reduces the number of slugs and snails… I’m a little sceptical there though!

You can see similar tools here. The website explains why copper is so good for gardening implements, and why it is in general such a valuable material.


Do you have a favourite garden tool?