Favourite Tools #1: My Trowel

I remember proudly carrying home my first ever garden spade and fork… a good 40-minute walk, in the days before I had my own car, on a very warm morning, across a major retail estate and then a field road (the short cut). That spade got heavier and heavier… but I still love it!

Until a few years ago, that was my favourite garden tool, used to create my first garden from scratch. But then my Mum gave me a beautiful copper/bronze “Implementations” trowel, and since I now live in a different house, with a rockery as my garden, the trowel has been my most valued and trusted friend.


It has a smooth wooden handle, and the head is solid bronze. It doesn’t rust, stays sharp, and is very strong – great for stony soil! Soil doesn’t stick to it, and supposedly using copper tools reduces the number of slugs and snails… I’m a little sceptical there though!

You can see similar tools here. The website explains why copper is so good for gardening implements, and why it is in general such a valuable material.


Do you have a favourite garden tool?

30 thoughts on “Favourite Tools #1: My Trowel

  1. I’ve never heard of a copper trowel, very interesting. I do have a favourite tool. It is a wicked looking miniature pick with a two prongs at the other end. I seem to be able to do everything with it. I don’t know what it is called but I am lost without it. It has an annoying habit of blending in with the garden and I can’t find it, so my husband has now painted the handle white!

    • I’ve got something similar, which is incredibly useful for weeding and getting between paving slabs etc! That’s a good idea to paint the handle… I’m always losing tools, gloves etc in the rockery.

  2. Lovely looking trowel – and good that it’s practical too, I’ve seen gardening tools that seem to be designed to look good without much thought for how they’ll be used. I have a terrible habit of losing trowels and hand forks (and secatuers, balls of twine, labels…) so I try not to become too attached to them!

  3. Wow! That is a handsome trowel! I quite like my trowel too, it has a lovely wooden handle. I was shocked to find it strewn outside on one of my raised beds this afternoon though. I don’t know how long it had been left there, just rotting in the rain. I can only assume it was my husband’s fault!! No care and attention, tut, tut 😉

  4. Your copper trowel looks very beautiful and strong. I never saw such valuable garden tools here in Germany.
    My favourite garden tool is a hand-fork with a wooden handle and three strong prongs on iron. It belonged to my father who was a passionate gardener. Not any other garden tool I love more than
    this very special hand-fork….(My father´s 100st birthday was on February 5th.)

  5. What a gorgeous tool! I’m so impressed with the idea of solid copper. I don’t know if I’d make the purchase for myself, but I would love to give this as a gift to my mother, who is at 80 still an amazing home gardener. Anyone who loves to spend time digging in the earth knows how marvelous this implement really is! 🙂

    • That’s a lovely idea! How lucky your Mum is to be able to enjoy gardening still. These tools make excellent gifts, and it’s Mother’s Day soon… (in the UK anyway) 😉

  6. Got one sent to me in Sweden a couple of years ago. Looks great and does the job without getting dull. Simply the best…

  7. That looks like one sturdy, well-made trowel! I would say I like my hoe because in Texas, we need ways of rooting out stickers as hands-free as possible!

    • I hardly ever use my hoe, as my garden is all uphill and it’s easier to bend down! I’m assuming stickers are a weed…? I have to get dandelions and occasional thistles out. Thanks for stopping by Leilani!

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