The Days are Growing Longer

I found a lovely poem the other day, which really lifted me out of the February gloom, and I’ve picked out my favourite lines to share with you. If you want to read the whole poem, take a look here.


…Night, that settled down so soon,
On the very skirts of noon…
Night so cold, and dark and dreary
Of its lengthened stay is weary.
Look up, heart, be gladder, stronger,
For the days are growing longer.

…Sun of joy, and pleasure’s light,
All were lost in gloom of night…
Day so short and night so long
Fled the bird and hushed the song.
But, my heart, look up, be stronger,
For the days are growing longer.

By-and-by the night will seem
But a vision-haunted dream;
By-and-by the day will be
Long and glad for you and me…
Look up; let thy faith be stronger,
For the days are growing longer.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


30 thoughts on “The Days are Growing Longer

  1. What a wonderful encouraging poetry and – what a cloudless blue sky this morning….
    Yes – look up , heart, be gladder,stronger…
    Spring w i l l come soon.
    Thank you, Cathy, for sharing this lovely poem!

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that the lighter, longer days just inspire us all 🙂 it was still light at 5.50 pm today! We’re getting there! I love your tree photo by the way. I just love everything about trees and scrolling down and seeing the full picture emerge was really cool!

    • Hi Anna! I’m glad you liked the poem too. The extra daylight is so noticeable this week – I love longer evenings, but putting the coffee on in the mornings without needing the lights on is great too!

  3. Dear Cathy, just now I read a wonderful quote:

    “Hinter jedem Winter steckt ein zitternder Frühling
    und hinter dem Schleier jeder Nacht
    verbirgt sich ein lächelnder Morgen.”

    Khalil Gibran, 1883-1931
    libanesich-amerikanischer Maler und Dichter

    • 😀 I read that this poet was also responsible for the well-known words: “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone.” She was a wise lady.

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