Winter Meets Spring (and a Haiku)

A blue wintry sky

Soft white clouds go scudding by

The tall fir tree sings


We love this tree, although it is getting very tall… (The crows love sitting at the top in the early morning and serenade me at breakfast!) You can see the hazel catkins below it, already fully out despite the snow. I have even seen some pollen flying. Winter meets spring…

11 thoughts on “Winter Meets Spring (and a Haiku)

  1. Birds are still visiting their feed-house in our garden – especially in the morning hours after a frosty night. But their songs sometimes seem to be full of joy to welcome spring…
    “Winterlinge” and snowdrops are longing for some sunshine to open their delicate blooms. Innumerable catkins of our copper-hazel are gently moving in the wind.
    I´m sure spring is on the way….

  2. What disappointment – more snow again during the night! Winter doesn´t want to leave us.
    Poor birds, poor spring flowers covered with snow…

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