Tuesdays at Two (February 26th) and the Last Snow?

Today’s picture…


No sunshine, yet much brighter this week. Just so you can see that the sun DOES come out here occasionally though, the next photo was taken at 8.30 am last Wednesday…


And here are the last snowy tracks of the winter perhaps…

Big Grey Dog




Small Brown/White Dog


Squirrel and Blackbird


The snow is melting, and today I briefly smelt the pine needles for the first time in weeks… a good sign!


23 thoughts on “Tuesdays at Two (February 26th) and the Last Snow?

    • It’s not normally too bad – once the ground has defrosted the moisture seeps in. But we have stony, chalky soil in this region which helps! (And we live on a slope too! 😉 )

  1. So pretty. I love the stillness in the air when it snows. But I live in Texas so I rarely experience it. I am surprised the last snow is this early for you up there.

  2. I like the pictures of the footprints. I saw footprints of a cat in the fresh snow the other day. They can’t run around unnoticed these days 😉

  3. I’ll SWAP 🙂 We smell the pines real good with the weight of this winter weighing heavy upon them 🙂 we have another 6 in to over a foot oh heavy wet stuff coming tonight and then it will hit the Atlantic so don’t put your shovel away 🙂 on the other hand the birds are singing their Spring I love you and Want you songs 🙂 soon time to start seeds and bush cat and dog and leave fur out in holder with yarn and twine scraps for the birds to build with 🙂 Hope you are having a great day Cathy I was down over 3 lbs this week from too much shoveling 🙂

    • Well that is one good thing about shovelling… keep up the good work Eunice, and take care in the next snowstorm. The birds were singing their hearts out this morning, so maybe they know something I don’t… 😉

  4. We are still getting a bit of snow here too. It melts quickly and then you can see tiny, tiny signs of spring. Daffodils beginning to push up, Buds on trees beginning to get fat and weeds that wintered over growing faster!!!

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