The Sun Has Got His Hat On



The green woodpeckers were laughing their heads off Saturday morning, and for good reason. The sun came out!

Mid-morning I went out to soak up some of this beautiful golden light. Walking along the edge of the woods I had to unzip my jacket – warmth! A few minutes later I peeled off my gloves. Then I noticed a sun-deprived elderly couple standing ahead of me, simply gazing towards the sun:

“Glorious” she said.

“We’ve had to wait so long” he said.

I knew exactly how they felt and continued my walk, smiling.


I passed the garden club sculpture…


And walked a while by the water…


The rest of the day was spent tidying a corner of my garden where the snow had already melted… no flowers yet though!

31 thoughts on “The Sun Has Got His Hat On

    • Hope you at least get some sunshine too, even if there is still snow. The winter here was so grey that we are very grateful for clear skies, even if it does mean frosty nights.

  1. So glad the sun and blue sky found you Cathy! That sky in the first photo is really a gorgeous deep blue–seems like you could gaze into it for a long time. What water is that–a river through your land?

    • Thanks Susie. Feel so much better for some sun at last. The water is a canal (originally a small river that was redirected into the canal) and is the only waterway linking the Main and the Danube rivers, as the Danube is then navigable all the way to the Black Sea. We see barges and a few holiday cruise boats too, but speed is restricted to protect the banks, which are mostly beautiful nature reserves.

    • And thank you for your lovely comment, Margaret! We may see some bees soon too, as the pussy willow behind our house is just beginning to open!

    • It really does – I suddenly have a new lease of life! Glad you got some sun too… we all need it badly. Believe it or not, I actually got slightly sunburnt on Saturday, I was that pale and sun-deprived!

    • You’re such a sweet person Strawberryindigo – thank you. πŸ˜€ We have sun for the third day in a row! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Hope you’re getting lots of blue skies too.

  2. …and he’s coming out today… (or better still came!!) The last few days were so lovely with all the sunshine!

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