Tuesday at Two (March 12th)

After a week of being spoilt by unseasonal sunshine and warmth (18°C on one afternoon!), the weather has turned a lot cooler and damper… perfect for the garden but perhaps not so perfect for the gardener! 😉


At the weekend some of the first flowers appeared, including a few crocus, and this…

Hepatica nobilis rosea

Hepatica Rosa

As much as I love the blue variety, I think this is my favourite spring flower this year, and rightly so. After all, Hepatica nobilis is Wildflower of the Year 2013 in Germany!

What is your favourite spring flower, and is it blooming yet?

40 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (March 12th)

  1. You have been spoilt! +18 degrees! Imagine we’re still in the thick of winter over here with no signs of spring. I bet even the birds are puzzled 😀 I love your hepatica flower. Sharon

  2. I love this modest delicate “Hepatica nobilis rosea”. I´ll try to get a plant from our nursery soon.
    In our garden two blue liverwort plants are blooming yet, as well as snowdrops, “Winterlinge”,
    some blue and yellow crocus, a lot of light blue crocus (“Elfenkrokus”) running wild in the meadow
    and – only one spring snowflake.
    I love them all – these first signs of spring, but my favourite spring flowers are this very special
    “Hepatica rosea” and spring snowflake.

    • The woodland slopes are covered in patches of blue when they are fully out. In a week or two they’ll be in full flower. I’ve only seen the blue ones in the wild though.

    • Yesterday was decidedly cool here Cathy but Monday even cooler – apparently the coldest March day for 28 years – think that the wind chill factor was responsible. My favourite early spring flowers are snowdrops and hellebores both of which are flowering although sadly I’m away from home and my garden at the moment. Hoping that they will hang on until I get back 🙂

  3. I hope the weather doesn’t do what it has here – 48 hours of beautiful springtime last week, followed by floods and snow ever since. What a beautiful little flower – fabulous colour!

    • What horrible weather you’ve had – the north of Germany has snow and very cold temperatures, but we’re hoping it won’t be so bad down south…

  4. My favourite flower is always the one which is flowering right now. At the moment I like the yellow crocus in front of my window – deep in snow and lightened by sunshine.

  5. Hope spring gets back to you soon… here too – it’s trying to snow again at the moment! The Hepatica is a beautiful way to welcome the warmer weather.

  6. Oh Cathy, Spring is arriving and I couldn’t be happier! I love those little purple flowers, they look very much like the purple primroses by my front porch.
    It is difficult to pick my favorite of all the spring flowers that bloom here but I would have to pick the grape hyacynth which are small and bright blue, they spread and in the right conditions resemble a carpet of blue! They have yet to make their emergence but I am patient…..I am enjoying the show!
    It seems this time of year there are surprises daily! 😀

    • I’m so glad your spring is finally arriving too, Strawberryindigo! I love the little grape hyacinths too – in fact all the spring flowers are lovely!

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