Tuesday at Two (March 19th)

The sun was trying to come out this morning, so I decided to go for a walk… what a silly idea that was! The wind got up when I was about 25 minutes from home, and as I reached a rather exposed hillside it started to rain, sleet and snow all at once! No shelter with the trees still bare, so the walk back was a rather wet one. And naturally, as soon as I got home the sun came out!

We’ve had windy wet weather on and off all day, so this photo was taken between showers…


The Hellebore loves the cool damp weather though!


24 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (March 19th)

    • I just saw your weather on the news, Uta… hope it warms up for you soon! But I remembered the saying: Weihnachten im Klee, Ostern im Schnee! We may have another couple of cold weeks to go!

    • Everyone seems to be saying how long winter was this year… our news just reported that it hasn’t been so cold in the north of Germany at this time of year for 50 years!

  1. Hope you’ve warmed up after your cold walk! Don’t know if I’m just looking for silver linings, but the hellebores and snowdrops here seem to have been flowering for longer than usual with all the cold weather.

    • I think you are right Sarah – my snowdrops have been around for weeks and still look good. They bounce back up each time the snow melts! 😀

  2. We had a lovely morning here, but by two it was grey again! At least it wasn’t snowing today like it was yesterday! Very random weather. Your hellebore is lovely : )

    • The grass, moss and garden plants have been lucky this year, covered in snow most of the time since Christmas, and now rain. I can really see the difference to last year where we had such a dry and cold winter followed by a very dry spring. Hope your garden gets a drink soon too!

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