Favourite Tools #2: Hand Blender

I highlighted my favourite garden tool recently, and now I thought I’d show you the kitchen gadget I love most: a multi-purpose blender, with various attachments. It does almost everything!


I use this more or less daily. For chopping and grating, grinding and mixing, and of course blending. I used it for my creamy carrot soup which I posted just the other day. It also has a whisk attachment, for whipping up cream or pancake batter, and an extra large bowl for larger quantities. In the summer I make our basil pesto in it, as well as zucchini pancakes and raw tomato sauce. (See Robin’s recipe here). There’s even an ice crusher, but I’ve never tried that out.

Do you have a favourite kitchen gadget that you would hate to do without?


34 thoughts on “Favourite Tools #2: Hand Blender

  1. My fav kitchen gadget is the fake egg that you boil with your eggs and it tells you when they are done. I never have to fret about it or actually pay attention to what I am doing! Haha.

    • That sounds amazing! I’ve heard of something similar that whistles when they are cooked – does yours whistle too? My Mum used to have a gadget that warned her when the milk was about to boil over, but I don’t remember if it worked… πŸ˜‰

      • no It just turns darker toward the centre so you can have a soft boiled egg or hard one etc. You just have to remember to look at it as they cook. I’ve seen them at the dollarstore but mine is from Lee Valley and I think I have seen them at several different kitchen stores. πŸ™‚

  2. Somehow I missed your reading about your Favorite #1, the gorgeous bronze trowel. The hand blender is something I’ve always wanted to try. My current favorite is a nice chef knife. Soon, when lavender blooms, it will be a Donvier ice cream freezer that worked great with your lavender ice cream recipe last year!

    • Ooh, what a lovely thought – lavender ice cream! I just refilled some lavender bags this afternoon with the last of my dried flowers from last summer and the smell is heavenly! πŸ˜‰

  3. SOLD! I need one of those. My favourite gadget is the dishwasher, without it, I wouldn’t bother eating anything beyond a bar of chocolate, a lump of cheese and an apple.

  4. I have a hand blender that I use for blending soups and making mayo, but it’s very basic – no attachments. Reading all the things that your blender can do, I’m beginning to feel that I’m missing out here!

  5. Wow! I have a hand blender, but not like yours! I’ve never seen a model like that here…otherwise, I *would* have one πŸ˜‰
    Mine is my most-used gadget, too, followed closely by the stand mixer.

  6. I’m pretty low-tech, too. I love my pastry blender best, though it only gets used when I make biscuits, pies or crumbles. This looks like a wonderful piece of kitchen equipment, though!

  7. Ah I would love one of these!! I spend so much time hand whisking or using my blender! Philips used to make a gorgeous bright coloured one and I wish I’d bought that because I do love bright colours in my kitchen. I guess my blender is my most useful kitchen tool because I use that where I should be using one of these or a proper mixer! I’d love a kitchen aid mixer! Now that would be my number 1 if I had one! Ah, I can dream πŸ™‚

    • I love bright colours too, and a kitchen aid would definitely be a dream… have you seen all the colours they do?! What colour would you choose? I’d go for a bright yellow or orange I think! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for visiting Anna! πŸ˜€

  8. I do have a favorite kitchen gadget/appliance. It is my BlendTec blender that I love making green smoothies in. To be fair, this is a relatively new addition to my kitchen but it is amazing to use and so easy clean. Nothing comes apart, a solid piece so very easy. I can’t wait to use all of the less than perfect produce from my garden in green smoothies this year. Not to mention, it came with a recipe book where you can make almost anything ranging from breads to “healthy cocktails!”

  9. I would have a very hard time giving up my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. My family bought it for me two years ago and I wish I’d had one years ago! I waited a long, long time. But now I can’t imagine baking without it! πŸ™‚

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