Tuesday at Two (March 26th)



It’s been snowing since last night, and the temperatures are once again hovering around freezing point. The forecast is no better. Any signs of spring have been covered in snow again!


Here’s the very same tulip on March 21st LAST year!


31 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (March 26th)

  1. Oh your tulip and crocus are so lovely! Snow and cold! Sending you a FEW of the sunbeams and degrees forecast for today.

  2. What a difference a year makes Cathy. Here the latest batch of snow arrived here on Thursday and was quite dramatic. Just a few flurries this morning but still bitterly cold with an east wind. You will appreciate that tulip even more when it reappears.

  3. Feels like it’s been winter here for about 18 months now. I’m so looking forward to seeing your Tuesday photo showing green grass, flowers and a sunny, blue sky!

  4. I love the tulip photos! Nature’s time comes when it is ready – it can’t and shouldn’t be rushed. That lovely tulip will be in bloom before you know it.

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