Tuesday at Two (April 30th)

We’ve had both icy Siberian winds and Mediterranean heat in the course of the month of April, but it seems the weather is settling a little now. The last few days have been cooler and damp, and the trees and plants are loving it.

Today’s photo…


And another look back over the past few weeks…

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The previous views from November 2012 to February 2013 are reviewed here.

What’s your view looking like now? Nice and green? 😀

Names, and a Forget-me-not?

Living in Bavaria, I naturally buy plants with German name tags. Of course, a botanical name will also often be on the label, but I have become very fond of many of the German common plant names. One particular name I love is “Sun Hat” (Sonnenhut) for cone flowers. Or “Weeping Heart” (Tränendes Herz) instead of Bleeding Heart (Dicentra/Lamprocapnus). I use Wikipedia and other reference sources in both German and English to find out more about them, and in doing so over the years it has become evident again and again that the German Wikipedia site seems – very often – to contain more information. Yet the plants are just as common in both the UK and Germany. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is so….?


One example of this is Brunnera macrophylla


Brunnera macrophylla is perhaps known better in English as Siberian bugloss, but I feel the German name is so much prettier and more appropriate:

Caucasus Forget-me-not” (Kaukasusvergissmeinnicht)

Here is a white variety, ‘Betty Bowring’. It flowers early spring, lighting up the garden, and then intermittently all summer, depending on how hot it is. In a shadier position it might even flower non-stop, especially if deadheaded frequently.


My blue Brunnera also flowers well in a sunny position in spring, but doesn’t last all summer. The blue variety is better known and perhaps more reminiscent of Forget-me-nots (Myosotis) due to the colour. You can see that the foliage is, however, completely different – large heart-shaped leaves.


Brunnera and Myosotis are in fact both in the Boraginaceae family, which also includes Pulmonaria, Borage and Comfrey.

Do you grow Brunnera? Or are you a fan of Forget-me-nots?

Currant Affairs

Ribes sanguineum

(flowering currant or red-flowering currant)

Two weeks ago the buds were tightly closed, yet already such a pretty splash of colour…


Ten days later the buds started opening at the top of each raceme


One by one


From bud to berry – several weeks of pleasure, even if the berries are not of the edible kind. The bees adore these flowers too.


The Woods (and my 500th post!)

Yes, 500th! Phew!

Last Sunday I went to look for some wild garlic and to inspect this tree in the woods next to our garden – fortunately just far enough away from the house if it comes down…. We’ve watched (and heard) woodpeckers tapping away at it, and wonder what the cause of its demise was. The dreaded bark beetle (Borkenkäfer)?


In any case, I was drawn further into the woods when I saw all the vinca growing there – a blue-green carpet of loveliness!


With filtered sunlight it looks so at home – much prettier than the garden varieties I think.


Then I struggled through lots of dead wood and sprouting bushes to find these…


and these…


and these – my favourites!


Click on any picture below for a closer look.

Tuesday at Two (April 23rd)

What a beautiful day!


It’s a breezy day – a cool wind but when the sun comes out really warm. And spring is rushing along now.

After congratulating my dear neighbour, Mr Barth, on his 101st birthday this morning, I gathered some wild Bear’s Garlic from beneath his Magnolia Tree, which is just starting to flower.

My Ornamental Fuji Cherry (Prunus Incisa Kojo-no-Mai) is also flowering now, just to the left of my Tuesday view…


I saw this cherry in my Mum’s garden last year at Easter and fell in love with it – when I returned home my local garden centre had them on sale! (The bees love it too!)


Later I’ll be planting some English Mint, Pineapple Sage and Parsley, and sowing my carrots, chard and kale.

Bear’s Garlic Pesto for dinner tonight!


What are you sowing/planting in the next week or so?