Tuesday at Two (April 9th)

Slowly warming up, and looking a tinge greener. Our chilly north-east wind has finally dropped, and some warm April showers have been promised. In fact as I write it has started to rain. 😀


And the first tulips still look as good as new – that’s one advantage of a cool spring. I am savouring it, watching tiny shoots very sleepily testing the above-ground temperature. The early spring flowers have lasted so well.


One of my favourite herbs, the wild garlic, which I transplanted from our piece of woodland last year, is about an inch high. And one of my favourite spring flowers – the flowering currant (which is purely ornamental and not a fruit-bearing variety) – has big fat buds waiting to unfold…


…watch this space!

What is your favourite spring flower and what is just about to open where you are?