Tuesday at Two (April 9th)

Slowly warming up, and looking a tinge greener. Our chilly north-east wind has finally dropped, and some warm April showers have been promised. In fact as I write it has started to rain. πŸ˜€


And the first tulips still look as good as new – that’s one advantage of a cool spring. I am savouring it, watching tiny shoots very sleepily testing the above-ground temperature. The early spring flowers have lasted so well.


One of my favourite herbs, the wild garlic, which I transplanted from our piece of woodland last year, is about an inch high. And one of my favourite spring flowers – the flowering currant (which is purely ornamental and not a fruit-bearing variety) – has big fat buds waiting to unfold…


…watch this space!

What is your favourite spring flower and what is just about to open where you are?

57 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (April 9th)

    • I’m nuts for the tall bearded iris, but they are just now getting fat and strong. I also love the old-fashioned fragrance of heirloom sweet peas. This year I planted them WITH the sweet pod peas so I can bask in that fragrance with nibbling in the garden or picking peas for a stir-fry. We’ve had an extra mild spring this year and less than half normal rainfall in March, so things are growing well.

  1. Your view is starting to look greener! My favourite flowers is the snowdrop and although we don’t think of it as a spring flower, it has been so cold this spring that the snowdrops are still flowering. I am most excited about Pulsatilla at the moment as it is just peeping through here.

    • I definitely count snowdrops as spring flowers, since they rarely appear before the end of February here. Is your Agapanthus a hardy plant? I always associate them with the Mediterranean!

      • I bought the bulbs cheaply in the UK some years ago so they must be hardy. I took seed last summer from my blue Agapanthus that flowers later and I have now 10 babies. I suppose it will be only ten years before they are big enough to flower but I fancied having a go. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh yes, snow has finally stopped and now it rains ;-( However we had lots of sunshine today too! I like crocus and primroses.

  3. Glad to see the land looking greener and rich. The orange color of that tulip is great. I am fickle when choosing favorite flowers–whatever is blooming next catches my eye. Today it is the redbud tree and the eastern red columbine.

  4. That north east wind returned here today Cathy but it is slowly getting warmer. Rain is predicted for Thursday and at long last double digit temperatures for the weekend. Hard pushed to nominate a favourite spring flower so I’m sitting this one out πŸ™‚

  5. Your view is starting to look like spring is coming. The daffodils here are almost in flower – there’s yellow starting to show in the buds. They’re not my favourite flower in the garden, but they grow on a hill in our village with the church at the top, and it just looks beautiful when when they’re in flower.

    • I like them for their cheerful sunny colour and always associate them with the typical Easter scene of green fields full of lambs, and village greens! Some of mine are also just showing some yellow in the buds. We are apparently 3 weeks behind average this spring, but at last it’s coming! πŸ˜€

  6. I like that tulip! I have two kinds of currants, they have berries but I leave them for the birds. First is wild currant (Ribes americanum), then clove currant (R. odorata) which has an incredible fragrance!

  7. I love flowering cherries come springtime if they can be counted as flowers . . . but spring is a long time away 😦 ! Still have my huge apricot weeping rose full of blossoms and the crepe myrtles have not given up . . . even the petunias are hanging in there tho’ they do have to be changed to winter pansies soon . . .

      • The rose was first grown in the 1930s, so I think it is still available and possibly worldwide: called ‘Crepuscule’, one can have it as a shrub or a weeper. Autumn colours: I guess we don’t get cold enough and too many of our trees are evergreens. Some maples, some crepe myrtles . . . Going to my local hospital is about 40 kms and 300-400 m more in height: liquidambers beautiful this time of year! Nothing like Europe or N US tho 😦 !

  8. Hi! It is definitely “greening up” in your photo spot. I love the bright orange tulips. I have some orange ones in flower too and they make me happy! A couple of favorite spring flowers are tulips and peonies. Tulips are opening all around me and peonies are about a month away. Can’t wait!

    • Tulips were always my favourites as a child, and I have some in a vase from our supermarket through most of spring. The orange ones are an early sort, all the others still need a few weeks yet. They are definitely happy flowers! πŸ˜€

  9. My favorite spring flower is Epimedium, specifically Epimedium rubrum… And here in Pittsburgh the daffodils are starting to bloom in profusion… Tulips will be right behind them… Great photos!

    • Thanks Chris. I like Epimedium too, but haven’t had much success growing them myself. They are called “Elf flowers” here, which I think suits them. Daffs will be out soon – I have to be patient!

  10. So nice to see some green grass, I’m glad it’s actually starting to look like spring for you! That tulip is such a wonderful, cheerful colour! πŸ™‚ Our weather is so tempermental right now – snow, followed by warm wind and sun, then another bout of snow. Not much blooming here just yet.

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