Tuesday at Two (April 30th)

We’ve had both icy Siberian winds and Mediterranean heat in the course of the month of April, but it seems the weather is settling a little now. The last few days have been cooler and damp, and the trees and plants are loving it.

Today’s photo…


And another look back over the past few weeks…

(Click on any photo to open the gallery)

The previous views from November 2012 to February 2013 are reviewed here.

What’s your view looking like now? Nice and green? 😀

33 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (April 30th)

  1. Als Slideshow und im Zeitraffer finde ich es besonders schön anzusehen. Bei März dachte ich noch, da fehlt doch der Schnee ~ und schon kam er mit dem nächsten Bild. Wirklich eine schöne Aktion. Einen schönen 1. Mai wünsche ich Dir! Uta

  2. Green, green and more green…too much green Cathy! I have been so busy and the weeds are growing…oh no….
    Nice shots BTW…It is an interesting group of photos to see how the same area changes over time and seasons.

  3. I love your Tuesday at 2 and how nice to see all the photos together! It’s wonderful to see it change and I think it looks like an amazing view no matter what the weather. Looking forward to seeing it over the summer too 🙂

    • Thank you Anna – now that things are happening in the garden it’s becoming more interesting. I’ll try and keep it up for a complete year. 😀

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