34 thoughts on “Tuesday at Two (May 7th)

    • Dieses Jahr werden die frühere Pfingstrosen bestimmt schon zu Pfingsten blühen. Es gibt aber zwei verschiedene Sorten in meinem Garten und die späteren dauern immer etwas länger… mal sehen! 😀

    • It’s a great way to keep a record of the garden Christina! My peonies are all herbaceous perennials, some flower quite early, and the rest a couple of weeks later. Can’t wait as I have two new ones, but they look very small still. 😀

    • LOL! It’s great for the dogs, and for lying down and staring up at the sky! 😀 It’s actually mostly weeds, moss and wild flowers, but we keep it short to keep nasty bugs at bay (i.e. ticks).

    • So you are catching us up! I actually remembered to put the supports in just in time, as they always flop over otherwise, spoiling the flowers.

  1. The picture no longer looks cold! Great! Are peonies pfingstrosen: when I lived in Germany I was too little to be interested in botany? 🙂 !

    • Yes Eha, Pfingstrosen. They always flower around Whitsun (Pentecost), hence the name. And it has warmed up a lot – around 17-22°C the last week or so.

  2. This fresh lush green everywhere is a real comfort for eyes and mind. My pale rose-coloured
    “Strauchpäonie” will be opening during the next days. I`m looking forward to this wonderful
    moment- can hardly await it!

  3. What a lush and beautiful scene. Will need to see the like in six weeks when we are in the middle of a drought. So say the long term forecasts.

    • I hope we don’t have too much dry and hot weather here in June too, as then things will last into July and August. In recent years everything was frazzled by mid-July! Thanks for stopping by Patrick!

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