Eye Catcher

That’s the name of this Viridiflora tulip: “Eye Catcher” – and it certainly is! It’s definitely one of my favourites at the moment, as it stands tall…


… and glows even when the sun goes behind a cloud.


The raspberry ripple looking tulips on the left are Estella Rijnveld’, a parrot tulip. Here’s a closer look…

Estella Tulip

Mmm, looks good enough to eat!

Another pretty one flowering at the moment is this pinky red one – I haven’t adjusted the colours at all, it really is that vivid!


What’s providing colour in your garden right now?

38 thoughts on “Eye Catcher

  1. These are lovely! My tulips aren’t open yet, except for the little species tulips that look like water lilies. Right now it’s yellow, from the little tulips, and forsythia, and purples from my crocus and grape hyacinth. After this long winter, any blooms are welcome!

    • The Forsythia is just about over here. Everything seems to be coming into flower now…. and you have your tulips to look forward to!

  2. Have never planted a viridiflora tulip: how different and elegant! Lovely to see yours when ours are deeply asleep for the forthcoming winter. No bright colours blooming here at the moment, but the sasanqua camellias on their long and stately stems in white and pink do give pleasure . . .

  3. Beautiful tulips – I’ve already started a list of bulbs to buy in the autumn, ‘Eye catcher’ is going to be added! Not many tulips here this year, but lots of cowslips and pulmonaria.

    • That’s a good idea to plan bulbs early, as you can see where the gaps are… My pulmonarias were very bushy, but with few flowers this year.

    • Some of my tulips are still going strong, but many are over. The iris buds are getting bigger and the rose buds are looking very promising too. Lilac is flowering all through the neighbourhood too. (I don’t have a lilac, sadly!)

  4. Eye catching for certain! How lovely, Cathy. A few times I tried to grow tulips and after months of waiting we’d catch a heat spell and they’d be gone almost before they finished opening. These photos are just scrumptious! My roses are doing beautifully and I’m enjoying that color most of all. 🙂

    • And in my garden the roses never last long! LOL! We’ve had perfect weather for the tulips this year – not too hot, and a little damp.

  5. Don’t you love that WINTER IS OVER let the colors of beautiful flowers such as you have here BLOOM and place smiles upon our FACES 🙂

      • Same here no rain for weeks after over 100 inches of Snow lol today it is pouring just want I need for lots of good garden things to grow Mowed the lawn for first time yesterday after painting boy does yard look nice now

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