Fairies’ Corner

There are fairies in my garden…


And when nobody is looking, they occasionally kiss the flowers, especially daisies or cowslips. And this…


turns to this…


What do you mean, you don’t believe in fairies?



“Beneath the sun I dance and play, in April and in merry May”

(from The Song of the Cowslip Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker)


42 thoughts on “Fairies’ Corner

  1. Sshh! Of course we believe in fairies . . . but they are kind’of secret, aren’t they . . . and you’re meant to pretend?

  2. The wild columbines in our garden are turning colours too, from dark violet into blue, red, rose, pale rose into almost white. Maybe fairies kissed these flowers….
    Your “FairiesΒ΄ corner” post is very lovely, Cathy!

  3. I love the combination of colors in that second photo. Yellow and – lavender? Kind of a pink/purple. And the two tones of yellow, gold and lemon. This is a wildflower not seen much in my area.

    • This colour is new to me too – it has a slightly orangey tinge to the pink in real life – doesn’t really come across in the photo. Unusual, and just the one among all the yellow ones!

  4. That’s wonderful! I have armadillos in mine. If they dig up my petunias again, I will have to relocate them.

    Your photos are beautiful. We hope to travel soon and enjoy the beauties of Europe. My mother-in-law wants to get back to Praha as soon as we can get her there.

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